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About Me

Tamara Michelle is a 20 year old recently Qualified  Personal Trainer and nutritionist. Health and fitness have been a part of her life for 3+ years. She works in a gym which she loves as it suits her lifestyle and she is helping others remain motivated on their fitness journeys. Tamara aspires to help people by changing their lives as she believes our minds and bodies are temples and should be treated with the up most respect. She aims to be a global inspiration encouraging health, self confidence and love as well as peace and happiness. Tamara also wants to be a positive influence and example to younger girls. Teaching them that confidence and self love is essential but also enabling and encouraging them to remain true to themselves and not what society is trying to mold them into.

               Welcome to my blog !


I will be sharing with you health and fitness tips as well as beauty tips and I will also be offering advice in those following areas including your personal lives and whole lot more!

                            TM xxx

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