January 31, 2017

     Unhealthy Friendships

Do You Have A Unhealthy Relationship ?

Hey everyone, I hope this year has been pleasant to you so far. Today's topic of discussion is going to be on unhealthy friendships and relationships. Are you a part of a friendship group or have frie...

December 12, 2016

      Inspirational Books You Must Read!

Hey my lovelys , hope you are all having an amazing weekend so far. Today I wanted to share with you some amazing books I have read and how they can be beneficial to you. I'm a huge book worm and I love to read. I find...

November 8, 2016

               Do You Want To Be Happy?

In this blog I shall be giving you tips on how to find happiness. I will share with you some steps to which I live by and hope that they help you the same way they help me.

1. Be Positive And Surr...

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               Welcome to my blog !


I will be sharing with you various tips on fashion, beauty, advice, fitness and lifestyle. I hope my blog finds you well and hope you receive my positive vibrations in abundance.

                            TM xxx

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