A Beginners Guide To Healthy Eating

Trying To Shed The Pounds Before Summer??

So its coming up to summer and you are trying to get that summer body and you aren't quite sure how to go about your diet? Well not to worry here is my beginners guide to healthy eating!

First if you are looking for that summer body you are going to need to make changes to your diet. By this I don't mean go starve yourself silly, I mean replacing the bad aspects of your diet with goodness. You are going to need to ditch eating loads of junk and fizzy drinks that you may usually snack on throughout the day. Its important to limit the amount of processed foods and artificial sugars and coloring's and begin replacing all the junk with lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables. These types of foods are packed with nutrients , vitamins and fibers, everything that your body is in need of in order to function properly. This is not only going to help with the loss of fat but this can also be beneficial to your energy levels, improves your blood circulation, leaves your skin looking amazing and most importantly has a big impact on your heart and brain functions.

The best best advice I can give to you would be to space out your portions throughout the day so instead of the usual 3 meals I tend to have 5 small meals throughout the day. By doing this you are giving yourself the energy you need in order to get through the day. It also means that you are less likely to crave junk foods as you are not going to be hungry and low on energy. When ever you get hungry and you get the urge to snack on junk i suggest you replace that with a healthier alternative so may fruit or nuts. I must remind you of the most important meal of your day BREAKFAST! Now I don't want to nag and sound like your mothers but i cannot express enough how important your breakfast is as your most important meal of the day. Not only is it giving you energy but it is going to enable you to get through the day until lunch time or when ever you are ready for a healthy snack. Your breakfast needs to be filling and filled with goodness enabling you to function throughout the morning and mostly to avoid stomach complications. My daily breakfast consists of Porridge with Honey and which ever fruits of my choosing. My most popular is Porridge with Banana and Goji Berries. However you can add which ever fruits you want to it and this way you wont need to add sugar to your Porridge as it will have natural sugars from the fruit in it.

Now that I have given you advice on that aspect and you know what you should eat. However if you find that you don't have time to make these healthy dishes on the go because you are busy with work and families pre plan your meals and cook them the day before if you have to! I love to meal prep and plan my meals for the week so I don't have to worry if i don't have time to make a meal as i have prepared them for the week and they are kept in the freezer or refrigerator to keep them in good condition. This can also be helpful for if you have meals left over. If you have cooked a big meal and have a lot left over you can freeze it so that you don't have to waste your meals and then you have something to heat up for the next day. Also make sure that you put healthy snacks in your bag throughout the day to beat hunger and to make sure you are feeding yourself the right sorts of nutrients. This could include a mix of nuts, fruit, protein bars and even natural yogurt and granola as a tasty snack. I plan to make some videos in order to explain this is better detail and to section things out separately. I hope to discuss how you meal prep and what delicious meals you can make yourself.

TM xxx

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