Review : Shea Moisture Products

Review: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

I had heard of the Shea Moisture products through social media and through friends who had tried their products. I thought I would give them a try as they catered to my kind of hair. ( Hair type 3b) The American brand is a global success a lot of naturalists use their products as they are organic using only natural ingredients. I took it upon myself to try the Coconut and Hibiscus line as I love the smell of coconut. I will also be giving a review on the other products through that line. As well as the curl enhancing smoothie I used the Shampoo and conditioner.

I love these products because they not only compliment my specific hair type as mentioned previously i have the hair type (3b) my hair can sometimes get frizzy is dry or if the products i use do not do my hair any good and I can say with these products they control my frizz and leave my hair smelling and looking delicious. My hair has grown a lot since I have started using these products nearly 2 years ago. I had cut my hair short for a change and decided I wanted to grow it out again. In the process of that I came across these products which have helped my hair growth tremendously. It also adds definition to your curls making them look more tight and defined which is great giving your hair the moisture it needs.

This is a photo of when i first started to use my Shea moisture products. My hair was short and I was looking for a product to help me on the journey of growing my hair keeping it moisturized and helping it to look healthy and feel healthier. I will now take you through the process of how I use these products and show you how they work on my hair.

Review: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie Step By Step..

Firstly the texture of the curl enhance smoothie is like a cream like texture. I start by washing my hair with the Shea moisture coconut and hibiscus shampoo by wetting and combing through my hair and then applying the shampoo. I wash it out and repeat the process again and after washing my hair I use the conditioner combing through my hair and leaving it in for around 5 mins before washing out. Once I have washed out the conditioner I comb through my hair and start to use the Curl enhancing smoothie by applying some to my hair and massaging it into my scalp.

I section my hair and start to apply the smoothie to my scalp and massage it in. This is how my hair looks after I have applied the smoothie to my hair.

This is how my hair looks once dry. My hair feels soft Curls are more defined and stand out. From this point it is easy to style your hair however you wish too or you can just leave it down and start your day! with the smoothie you do not always have to wash your hair before you use it if you are just looking to style your hair while its already washed then just wet your hair comb through it and apply the enhancing smoothie.

Review: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie Additional Information...

If you wish to have any additional information about the product and what it in it then this is a list of the ingredients in the product. All ingredients are natural with no harmful chemicals used to damage or hurt your hair in anyway.

Review: Overall Conclusion...

I would suggest you buy this product if :

- Looking for a natural styling product

- Looking for a product that helps define curls

- Nourishes your hair

- Have sensitive scalp and hair

- Want beautifully smelling hair

- Want good hair growth and healthy looking hair

I suggests you do not buy this product if you if :

- You want hard defined curls ( cannot guarantee everyone's hair will react the same way as different types and textures)

- Want frizz free hair ( Although i mentioned these products help control my frizz i have seen some reviews that beg to differ. Everyone's hair reacts differently to different things)

I shall also hope to make a video in much detail also talking about the other products i use of theirs not just the coconut and hibiscus but their other products and how they benefit my hair also. I hope this review has been of help you and wish you the best of luck on your hair journeys!!!


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