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Do You Know Your Hair Type ?

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Many ladies are unaware of their hair type so I have put together this blog in order to inform you on your hair types. Its important we know our hair type and texture to ensure that when looking after it we use the effective products catering to our specific type of hair. With me personally I would say my hair is a mixture between Type 3a and 3b however my hair type was 3c/4a when i was younger and before i relaxed my hair etc. Anyway the point i am trying to make is your hair can be more than one type so its good to figure out those types to nurse your hair in the correct way getting the growth that you want!

Different Curly Hair Types <3 !

3A: The type 3a hair usually has well defined curls. Also referred to as loopy curls. This type of hair may also be prone to frizz so its advisable to ensure you use light products that will give you a nice hold and defined look. This hair type is also good for wash and go hair styles.

3B: The type 3b curls are well defined and is not as loose look as appose to type 3a hair. There is less space between each curve. This is my hair type. With this type of hair it is important to keep your hair and scalp moisturized as it can tend to get dry and irritated if not done. Ensure any products used on the hair do not contain any harmful chemicals that are going to irritate your scalp and damage your hair. This type of hair is easy to wash and go however, making sure the scalp is moisturized is important.

3C: This hair type has the smallest space between the bends in the hair strands than all of the 3 different hair types. Its best to avoid all types of heat use that can be damaging to the hair. Its healthy to use stretching techniques such as twists and braids on the hair. This aids in hair growth. Cleanse and deep condition per week and moisturize hair often with products free from harsh ingredients that can be irritating to the hair and scalp.

4A: This hair type has a defined curl pattern shaped like an 'S'. This hair type retains moisture very well but can also be prone to dryness. With this hair type it is easy to just wash and go which is easily achievable with the right products, technique and care. Sulfate free shampoos, conditioners and rich creamy products are also great in keeping the hair moisturized.

4B: This hair type is most referred to as a 'Z' shape pattern and has a fluffy appearance. Due to the bends and curves in this particular strand of hair it is highly acceptable to dryness and breakage. This hair style shrinks up to 70% so without stretching the hair out it'll look naturally shorter than it is. Styles to best benefit this type of hair would be twists, braids and buns to protect the hair from becoming damaged. A lot of moisture, gentle cleansers and frequent deep conditioning which will be beneficial for helping natural 4b typed hair.

4C: This hair type is most similar to they 4b hair type. This hair type is more tightly coiled than the last hair type. However, with no products added in its natural state no products being added and being freshly washed it does not have a defined curl pattern. To achieve this look you would have to twist,braid or shingling through the strands. Many 4c hair type natural looks have a natural shrinkage with up to 70% or more. It is the most fragile hair type. If looking to grow your hair i would suggest you use twist, braids or buns in order to grow your hair. These hair styles also do not require daily assistance such as combing or brushing giving the hair a bit of a break and less of a chance of damage.

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