Ways To Find Happiness

Do You Want To Be Happy?

In this blog I shall be giving you tips on how to find happiness. I will share with you some steps to which I live by and hope that they help you the same way they help me.

1. Be Positive And Surround Yourself Around Positive People

This is so important. Who you allow around you can alter your energy and the things and experiences you come across in life. If you attract negative people into your life then you are only going to attract negative situations. It is much easier to let go of those people that bring you down or keep them at a distance and focus on yourself and your surroundings. Be around people that bring out the best in you that bring you peace and happiness and love the bones off of you. Once you change your energy and the people you surround yourself around you will notice you begin to feel much lighter. You will also start to notice good things will start to happen. You get what you give off to the universe so it's important to make sure you are spreading them positive vibes and surrounding yourself around them positive vibes.

2. Self-Acceptance

A huge contribution to the lack of somebodies unhappiness is a lack of self acceptance. People have this concept and idea that they are suppose to be perfect. Nobody can be entirely perfect. Everyone has flaws, people have their bad aspects about them just as much as their good. It is important to love yourself because your relationship with yourself sets the boundaries for all kinds of relationships in your life. If you cannot accept yourself how else will anyone else accept you and when you are at your most confident you are most likely to excel in the things you wish to achieve due to the type of energy you are attracting. Begin to love all aspects of yourself. You are loveable and perfectly imperfect and there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

3. Hold No Grudges .. Forgive

Often when people hold onto situations and hold a grudge against somebody the only person they hurt is themselves. Holding onto negative energy can stunt your growth. We cannot control the behaviour of others and how they treat us however we can choose how we move past these situations and most importantly how we deal with them. Forgive for yourself and the sake of your energy and healing. This doesn't mean that the person you forgive needs to remain in your life it just means you are choosing a better path to walk down for your spiritual and mental growth.

4. Be Good And Do Good

Be good to others and do good for others. Not for the sake of a reward but for the sake of being good. We were born to make a difference if you can make somebody's day then why not do so. Most people do good things as they expect something back in return however if you was to just do good just for the sae of being good and put good out into the universe then it is going to work in giving what you give out naturally. Be good spread peace, love and happiness. Give a compliment to somebody you may make their day. Change as many lives as you can by making their days and making them smile.

5. Never Compare Yourself With Others And Their Lives

In life we should never compare ourselves to others. We should never wish for other people's situations as we don't know their journey and what they experienced in order to get what they have or be where they are. Trust in your journey and remain focused and positive. Work towards your goals and dreams and make sure you are surrounded by positive people as well as people on the same journey with you.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you and I do plan to make a Video which would be in more detail with more ways in which you can find happiness and remain happy.

TM xxxxx

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