5 make up mistakes often made

Mistakes Often Made With Makeup

Good Evening All, hope everyone is having an amazing weekend well what is left of it. Today I will be going through a few mistakes that people often make when coming forth with makeup.

1. Not cleaning your makeup brushes

Now you wouldn't paint a picture with dirty brushes so why so the same with your makeup brushes ? A most common mistake people make is neglecting their makeup brushes and not cleaning them. If you don't clean your makeup brushes you are going to have a build up of oils , dead skin and bacteria which you are going to be putting on your skin. Not only is this unhygienic it can cause your skin to break out which I'm sure you do not want! It's important to keep them clean and depending on how often to use them will be how often to clean them. I use my brushes every other day because I don't wear makeup everyday so I clean my brushes every two weeks. If you use your brushes everyday then it's best to clean them every week. I like to deep clean my makeup brushes with shampoo. If you want to look good and have your makeup easily applied then treasure your brushes and treat them well.

2. Not using the correct foundation shade

Another common mistake made is not using the correct foundation shade. If you want a flawless look you need to be using the foundation for your correct skin tone. People either tend to go too light or too dark. It looks horrific! If you are unsure of what shade to use for your tone walk into a drug store and ask a professional. Using little tests like putting foundation on your hand can be inaccurate because your skin tone on your hand is different from the skin tone on your face. People also make this mistake when contouring. You should use a highlighter two shades lighter than your skin tone no more and the same for the darker shade.

3. Applying makeup in the wrong lighting

We've all been victims to doing our makeup stepping outside and being horrified at the fact that maybe a section isn't shaded properly or you've got orange patches left uncovered and it just looks at total mess! Natural light is of a big help!!! If you find it difficult to work with the natural light a white light led mirror is the best thing for you! Happy shopping ;)

4. Using your fingers to apply your foundation

I know that this is such an easy method and can seem like it's getting the job done but if you're going to apply your makeup you have to do it the correct way. I say this because in the process you can be putting bacteria into your pores. You will also be creating an uneven base as you aren't going to get the same effect you would if you were using a makeup brush. Use your brushes ! You'll get the look you're aiming for.

5. Applying your blusher in the wrong method

When applying your blusher you have a steady hand. You cannot go wild! Believe me you won't like the outcome. You want to ensure you use your cheek bones as a guide with soft circular motions and don't apply too much to the brush. Just the smallest amount in the right application will do the job well.

I hope these tips were handy to you and I shall be sure to do some more. All the best

TM xxx

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