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Inspirational Books You Must Read!

Hey my lovelys , hope you are all having an amazing weekend so far. Today I wanted to share with you some amazing books I have read and how they can be beneficial to you. I'm a huge book worm and I love to read. I find reading do therapeutic and I think that knowledge is most certainly power. So here's a list of my recommended books:

The power of your subconscious mind:

I'm a big lover and believer of you are what you think. The mind is such a powerful thing and in this book it teaches you how your mind and thoughts create your surroundings and how you can achieve whatever your heart desires by reprogramming your mind.

Think and grow rich for women:

This is pretty much the same concept the book originally came from napoleon hill's think and grow rich. This book was then spinned off into a book for women. As women it's important that we inspire and encourage one another. There is a lot of competition and hatred in the world. I don't agree with that one bit. I think female empowerment is important the book takes you through different women and their journeys to success and how you can also be one of them. Remember ladies we are here to help one another not knock each other down. Spread love ! Help your sisters out!!

Ask And It Is Given:

In this book it gives you different exercises in order to attract what it is you are looking for from the universe. In this book they refer to Abraham as the person in which you pray to or ask for what it is your heart desires. This book is good as i mentioned previously it offers a wide variety of different things youcan do and start to change in order to achieve and attract what you want from life.

The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success:

This Book is one of my favourite books written by one of my favourite authors deepak chopra. In this book he explains the different spiritual laws of success and how you can apply them to your life. The seven laws are of the following:

1. The law of pure potentiality

2. The law of giving

3. The law of Karma

4. The law of least effort

5. The law of intention and desire

6. Laws of detachment

7. The laws of dharma

He talks you through these different laws and how you can apply them to your life and spread love and be a better person as well as be successful. This is a very good book and i recommend it highly. All books that have a teaching or lesson to teach behind them are good but I really enjoyed reading this


What To Say When You Talk To Yourself:

This is another amazing book in terms of controlling your universe and reprogramming your subconscious mind to be positive, spread positivity and also attract it to. Often when we talk to ourselves or listen to that voice in our heads the thoughts that come to mind are not always positive and do not always serve us a benefit. This Book as well as many others previously mentioned today help you reprogramme your mind to rid negativity and basque in positive energy attracting everything you desire most.

365 Ways To Live The Law Of Attraction:

This book gives you 365 ways in which you can live the law of attraction and help to attract happiness, health, wealth and love. The book if full of different theories of different authors and different ways in which you can attract what you want from life. The book is very simple and to the point which some people may find as an advantage not many people like to read tonnes and get bored easily so In that sense I would also say the book is very light.

I hope that everyone find something positive from my book recommendations and i also hope those of you reading will also get copies and start making changes to your lives and the way you think and interact with others. I think its important to help others along their journeys and to also guide people into the right directions by spreading love and positivity. Not everyone will find this useful but for those who do enjoy. Always remember we can have what ever we want out of life the only person standing in the way of our success is ourselves so make the changes needed today in order to better your tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening and you shall hear from me soon.

TM xxxx

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