Ko Ko Kollection By Kylie Cosmetics Review


Hey everyone ! Hope 2017 is treating you well so far! I have brought some new makeup and wanted to share with you a review on them. One of the products I brought were the koko Kollection by kylie cosmetics matte lipstick set. When I first saw the collection advertised I saw the colours and knew I had to try them. Below will be my reviews on the lipstick individually.


Shade Gorg


Applying gorg was very easy. I was easy to get a clean line whilst applying the lipstick however I had to apply the liquid lipstick more than once in order for it to be even across the lips. The colour is beautiful it's like a dark burgundy colour.


Gorg dries almost instantly. It lasted me around 2-3 hours before the lipstick began to fade. It then began to flake in the corners. Isn't very good either whilst trying to touch up as it begins to look tacky and flakey.

Shade KHLO$


I love nude colours so I was extremely happy to try out this shade. It's a little more on the pink side then a nude. It was easy to apply the lipstick it didn't need more than 2 layers for all to be even. However after application my lips were left feeling very sticky which was highly annoying.


As I mentioned above once applied my lips were left feeling very sticky however this colour lasted me up to 3 hours even after a meal and a few drinks. It was actually very difficult to remove. Left my lips a pinkish stained colour. Although it was sticky and difficult to remove I do really like the colour and it lasted after a few meals and continuous refills in nandos so in that sense I was pleased.



The damn gina shade is the only lip gloss in the collection also I personally think the most underrated. The colour is a pinkish nude colour with a touch of glitter. It's a really natural look and isn't at all sticky like the shade KHLO$ was.


The Lip gloss lasted around 2 hours. That's quite surprising for a lip gloss. I would say that this shade was one of my favourites. Very natural not at all sticky and doesn't flake at the sides of the lips at all. Once the lip gloss rubs off you are left with a pink lip stain that still makes you look as if you are wearing a lipstick.



The OKURR shade applied very smooth much smoother than the shade KHLO$. It also didn't feel as dry and wasn't sticky like she shade KHLO$ was. Once applied it 'streaky and sisnt flake at the sides of the lips. In order to get the nice bright colour it's best to apply a few times.


This shade lasted me around 5-6 hours. It lasted me through a few meals. It then began to fade after my dinner and was very easy to reapply the lipstick and touch it up. It wasn't the same as the shade KHLO$ whilst trying to touch up that shade it looked very tacky and began to flake and look a mess!

Overall I would say that out of all the lipsticks in the set. I liked DAMN GINA, GORG and OKURRR the best. DAMN GINA being my favourite. After using these products I am happy to say I would purchase more of Kylie's lipsticks from her line.

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Thank you for keeping up to date with me and I shall have some new things for you guys to read soon Take care and spread peace and love wherever you go.


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