Unhealthy Friendships

Unhealthy Friendships

Do You Have A Unhealthy Relationship ?

Hey everyone, I hope this year has been pleasant to you so far. Today's topic of discussion is going to be on unhealthy friendships and relationships. Are you a part of a friendship group or have friends that can be considered unhealthy and bring you nothing but drama,stress and unhappiness. Well today can be a day to change that and change the people you surround yourself around. I want to share my stories and experiences with you guys and hope that you find comfort as well as help in order to change these situations into something positive.

Although I am only 20 years old it's fair to say i have experienced my fair share of friendship dramas. I noticed that some of the friends I had were more focused on belittling one another or making other people feel bad about themselves to make them feel superior or better about themselves. As I was surrounded by this I noticed that the negative energy began to affect me and my surroundings and that it was bringing me down in a negative way. Friends don't talk about each other and talk eachothers business to then smile in your face and be totally fake. Friends are meant to support one another encourage one another to do great and achieve greatness. I chose to remove myself from that situation as I wanted to grow wanted to do better and be better and be around people that uplifted me rather then tried to tear me down. That is what I done and I am very pleased that I decided to part ways with immaturity and negativity in order to flourish into the person I am today.

I had also experienced friendships that were one sided friendships. I tend to call these types of people energy vampires. they suck the energy and positivity out of you. I found myself in situations where I would only speak to my friend if there was drama or if they needed to borrow money, needed a favour or wanted to do watless things like chill and do nothing all day and talk about draining subjects such as boy drama or drama in general. I found myself saying yes to everything just because this was my friend and not realising that each situation was draining me of my energy. One day I decided to say no because I didn't want to do a favour anymore , I didn't want to go out to party and waste money. I wanted to work I wanted to be around positivity. Me saying no resulted in a argument as because people are you friends they think you always have to do things or you're a bad friend or you don't care but if your kindness is being taken for granted if you are not being appreciated for what you bring to that person's life your motivation to do decreases. To cut a long story short when that friendship ended my life felt so much easier it was as if a weight had been lifted of my shoulders. Not to be mean because I don't want to discredit the positive aspects but I was able to grow. I focused on me and working and making money and achieving all the things I wanted to achieve.

Friendships can be tricky especially knowing whether they are genuine or not. I have had friends that I thought were my friends but secretly hated on me and what I aspired to do with my life. The worst is when it's behind your back and i've also had friends that are suppose to be friends but throw digs at you on social media for no apparent reason. What is even worse is when they try to control you , your life and everything around you. What I have noticed is that you can not help those that don't want to be helped. Telling somebody a million times and giving them advice on a same situation is draining. If they are your friend of course you ride it out with them but if it begins to tamper with your energy have no part in it. When friendships end girls turn nasty. They wanna snapchat your business , call you horrible names and discredit everything you have done for them. In my personal opinion if you ever had a true friendship with somebody your secrets will never leave their mouth out of respect for what you had called a friendship. You part ways in a mature manner. People are not always like that. They forget that they are not perfect and have a history and that is what can be confusing to some but never to me. People want to deflect the blame onto somebody people can never own up to their wrongdoing in a situation and most times don't even see that they are an issue. When people are unhappy in their lives they tend to take it out on others. You treat people how you feel about yourself. Never take these things personally simply move on and wish them the best. If you sat down and tried to figure out why people were how they were and why they treated people horribly you would drive yourself insane. Let it go, let it be and focus on you..

Real friends do not talk your business, hate on your progress and wish you bad and most certainly they do not laugh at your problems. They support you , motivate you bring happiness to your life they bring purpose. They create room for positive memories and you are on a journey of positive vibes and love together. They do not bring negativity and drama. They don't throw shade or wish you harm. Any person whether they be a friend a partner anybody that doesn't bring anything constructive to your life I suggest you leave them behind. Focus on you and who you are becoming and surround yourself around people on the same journey as yourself. You are and become who you associate yourself with and that is also what you tend to attract in your life. It's important that we stick together and work on being a team rather than being in competition with everyone. You are your only competition and being a better person than you are should be one of your focuses.

I hope that this post was helpful to you and that you rid yourself of negative relationships in general and take the opportunities to surround yourselves around people that are destined to be good and do good in all aspects. We are in control of our lives and who we allow into them. Take control today and work hard towards your goals and follow your individual paths to success. I wish you all well and my we all win ! If any of you need help or somebody to talk to regarding any sensitive issues do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to all those that may need somebody to talk to.

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