Meal Prepping And Maintaining A Healthy Balanced Diet

Good Evening Everyone, In today's post I shall be talking about meal prep and the benefits of prepping your meals and having a healthy balanced diet. I have always been the odd one out in my family when it comes to food. I am not only a fussy eater but I cherish my body and want to nourish it with healthy food. My family just think I am a pain because they don't really mind what they eat and tend to eat a lot of junk food. Now do not get me wrong some junk foods are nice my guilt please can be a chinese take away but that is a cheat meal for me. If you are looking to improve your health, lose or maintain weight or even bulk up you need to watch your consumption and be eating clean foods.

I prep my meals every 3-4 days. I make sure that I include my protein, carbohydrates and fats in my meals but in the correct consumption of what my current goals are. My current goals are to eat clean and healthy but increase my portion size and eat more frequently throughout the day in order to add weight. Of course to get the results I am looking for I also need to work out but your body and how you wish it to look is 80% what you eat and only 20% exercise.

Prepping your meals does not even have to be about adding or losing weight or even maintaining it. It can just be a way in which you are eating properly throughout the day in order to maintain your health. A lot of people do not eat often during the day as they are busy with work but this is not healthy, by the time people get home from work they eat late and are just about ready to go to sleep. This is known and I have been guilty of this in the past but you need to make sure during the day you are eating correctly and also drinking frequently.

Benefits Of Meal Prepping

It Is Cheaper

It is much cheaper to do a big shop for the month an prep your meals weekly than to go and buy your lunch every single day it is also healthier you know how your food was cooked and what it contains. I know people may think that healthy food is much more expensive but I can tell you know buying your food in bulk and prepping your meals is much cheaper you'll also find that when prepping and eating your meals during the day your energy levels will increase.

You Will Learn Portion Control

When focusing on maintaining , weight loss or muscle gain as I previously mentioned you should be taking into consideration your calorie intake. When prepping your meals in advance you be able to control exactly what you are consuming. It will give you a true insight into what a true portion of food is or how much you will need to consume and what works best for you ensuring you do not overeat.

Your Nutrition And Energy Levels Will Improve

As you are in control of making your meals you control the intake you are consuming. According to your preferences you'll be creating your meals from scratch. You'll be much happier and feel fuller which is also going to improve the levels of your energy. Your mood will improve and your nutritional intake will improve leaving you feeling healthier. Overall you will be left with an improved mood, healthier mind, body and ready to conquer the world.

Some Meal Prep Photos

In this photo I have Lean Mince, Brown Rice and fresh Spinach.

On the left I have brown rice, freshly made sweet potato chips and curried mixed beans. On the right I have curried Prawns, brown rice and fresh spinach.

These are a few of my meal prep meals made during the week. I will be doing a separate blog on how I made these meals and giving you some more meal prep inspiration and ideas.


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