My Latest Foundation Favourite

Hey guys, I thought I would update you with my current favourite and most used foundation. Don't get me wrong I love other foundations such as Nars, Mac, Revlon and so on however this is my recent addiction. I love this foundation because it gives me full coverage. It's also Matte although after awhile it becomes oily. It's Easy to apply and I just think it's AMAZING! The foundation is not too pricey either it ranges from £5-£8


This is a swatch of the foundation in my shade 220 Natural Beige. It is a perfect match to my skin tone. I can not fault that in any way. It blends in with my skin very well. The brand have 12 other shades which range from light to dark. The shades that end in "0" are yellow-based, and ones that end in "5" have pink undertones.

Application/ Coverage

I love how when I apply this foundation it hardly feels like i'm wearing foundation at all. It's extremely blendable with just about any application method. I like to apply it using my Real Techniques sponge or makeup brushes. Using sponges with foundation does tend to give you more of a flawless airbrushed look. Let's be honest who doesn't want to be looking flawless now! You don't need to apply layers upon layers two layers does a good enough job it is even and long lasting. This may sound weird but it also smells nice lol.

Wearing The Foundation

This is what the foundation looks like on. It looks perfect ! Ready to slay. I feel like I am glowing lol. Full coverage and does not look cakey or greasy at all. The foundation doesn't only just come in these mini tubes they can come in glass bottles too. If you look at the image below. It lasts you the most of the day before it starts to get oily.

My overall Verdict on the foundation would be that it is a good foundation. It lasts for the majority of the day it doesn't look cheap and cakey. The formula is incredibly smooth and creamy. It's a light to medium coverage.. It sets a lot more quickly and immediately feels very smooth. I'm usually very picky with foundations reason being I do not want to look like a grease ball and I want something long lasting and this foundation does just that for me.

I really love this foundation and hope you guys will too. Let me know your thoughts on the foundation.


TM xxxxx

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