Mac Lipscrubtious Lip Scrub Rewiew

If you are looking to save your chapped lips you have come to the right place. In today's Blog I will be giving you a review on my latest purchase of Mac. Mac have recently put out a line of new sugar Lip Scrubs made to exfoliate your lips and buff away the dry and flaky skin with a formula enhanced by hydrating conditioners.

Different Mac Lip Scrub Flavours

These are the different mac scrubs. The flavours and scents in the photo above Sweet Brown Sugar, Summer Berry, Sweet Vanilla, Fruit Of Passion and Candied Nectar. These lip scrubs are not only tasty but are made to exfoliate and take care of your lips. You can purchase these lip scrubs for £12.50. When looking for lip scrubs I look for scrubs that smell nice and have a nice scent. You don't want something that smells unappealing on your lips that is a no no! I have not tried all of the flavours however, I have tried the Summer Berry. I Love Summer Berry. When I first used my lip scrub and first applied it to my lips I was surprised at how tasty it was. The scrub exfoliates the dry skin on your lips most definitely. During the winter 0r if it is really cold I get really dry lips and skin and When using the scrub It left my lips feeling super soft and moisturised. I found myself licking my lips because it tasted so good.

Lip Tint

Because these are sugar-based, you do end up eating some of the sugar but some of it does dissolve. Or, you can rinse it off with water or remove it with a tissue. Either way It leaves your lips feeling incredibly soft.After they leave behind an essence of oil for moisture and the faintest hint of a tint that looks like you’re wearing a bit of lip balm, and they feel nice and soft. They also smell so yummy!

Would I Recommend This Product

Yes I definitely would. I say this because it leaves your the skin n your lips rid of dry and flaky skin. Your lips feel so much smoother and hydrated and they do not look like a chapped mess. A big bonus is that they taste delicious. I have not tried all of the different flavours but I most definitely will because i was impressed with this product. I mean if you want to be honest £12.50 for such a small tub is not always going to be as productive and you can get more in a lush lip scrub tub, which I also have to say their product's are awesome but if you do not mind spending the money I would say the product is worth it.

Thank you please let me know what you think and I promise to keep posting my amazing content. Best wishes.

TM xxx @Instagram - Shortasstam

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