Weight Gain Wednesday Follow My Journey !

In today's post I will be sharing with you my journey in terms of my health and fitness. Every Wednesday I will be sharing my progress and journey on my weight gain goals. I know the struggles of getting the "ideal body" or the "dream body" we all wish we could have and the emotional attachments and stress that comes along with it. I have decided to share this journey with you all as I feel that as beautiful strong women we have the power of inspiring others and helping to build a better generation for our daughters, cousins, sisters, aunties and so forth.

What My Posts Will Contain

During these posts I will be sharing with you the meals that I prep and what they contain. My calorie intake and how I stay on top of that. The exercise I do and how frequently I do them and how that makes me feel. I will be also sharing with you the emotional aspects to why I am doing this and what different feelings I go through. "Am I confident" "Am i sexy" "Am I trying to fit particular stereotype" " How will I achieve my goal" I am going to be very honest in my emotions, my journey and what stages I am currently at. I will also be sharing for me what worked and what did not work.

My Actual Fitness Goal

My fitness goal is to gain weight. Ideally I am a perfect weight already. However I would say I would like to gain some healthy weight. I aim to at least look like the picture above or a little smaller with a toned stomach. Of course to get this I require an increase in my intake in calories, protein and good fats. This would also be achieved with working out with the right consistency targeting the right areas of my body but also making sure that everything is balanced. For example you cannot work on your upper body without working on your legs as well. You need the right balance to achieve the natural look.

My Overall Purpose

My overall purpose would firstly be to achieve my intended goal of gaining weight and toning up I also want to inspire others with story and encourage others to go after their goals and make them happy. If I am able to inspire others to achieve their fitness goals and help others feel happier, healthier and more confident in who they are then that is amazing to me.

Please stay tuned because next week's post will be packed full of information for you all. It will be in more detail this was just a post to introduce you to the Weight Gain Wednesday so get talking about it and feel free to ask me anything you want to or request me to address anything you wish me to. Subscribe , Leave comments let me know what you think and thank you for following my fitness journey.

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