Weight Gain Wednesday Week 1

Good Morning Everyone, I hope the week is being as good to you as the weekend was to us all. As I explained last week every Wednesday , I shall be sharing with you my weight Gain journey.

My Plan

My plan for the past week has to consume around or over 3,000 calories a day. I know for a girl my size that could be considered a lot of eating however, as I am trying to gain weight and tone up it is essential. I have been keeping on top of my calorie consumption and have been able to monitor the calories I am I taking through a calorie counting app. I suggest that what ever your fitness goals be that you get one of these calorie counter apps. They have any food you can think of and not only to they count the calories but they break down the percentage of calories, fats and proteins that you are consuming throughout the day.

Increased Calorie Intake

Since increasing my calorie intake of course my portion sizes would have increased and I am also eating more frequently throughout the day. I feel more energetic and less hungry all the time. My energy levels have defiantly increased and I feel much healthier within myself. I don't feel as tired as I usually do and I have more energy to do more things. They usually say if you feel a sense of hunger at all you aren't eating enough. You should always be feeling as though you are well fed. If I am completely honest I agree and think that eating more frequently has helped and will continue to help me along my journey of gaining weight but also maintaining that healthy diet and eating right to keep my energy levels high and to keep me healthy and happier.

The Meals I Eat

I will break down an example of what I may be eating throughout the day.

So for breakfast I would have something filling and also high in protein. This will keep me going until lunch or until I have one of my snacks. So I usually try to fit my breakfast around what works for me and what I'm doing during the day. If I am at work and doing an early shift I would usually start around 6 which leaves a rush when leaving the house. I can grab a few things together but the impact isn't the same. I tend to get hungry and feel very tired and drained of energy. What I have started to do is bring a protein shake to work in the mornings with me as a meal replacement. This leaves me feeling much more full and lasts me until my next meal of the day.

If I start later on in the day or happen to have the day off I have more time to be able to make my breakfast and relax and eat it. I will give you an example of a breakfast I would make that is high in protein and very filling.

As you can see above this would be an example of a meal I may make for my breakfast. Usually when making tuna on toast I use seeded brown bread however I had to make do with what I had at the time. I then add my tuna with some pepper and chop up my avocado which I always dress with lemon juice I think it tastes amazing with lemon juice. I then sprinkle chia seeds on top to add the finishing touches and that is my breakfast in a nutshell.

In Between that and my lunch I may usually have fruit or nuts and seeds to keep me going. For my lunch I may usually have fish which can be cod, salmon, sea bass or bream. I usually tend to season the fish with fish seasoning and dress it with lemon. I then boil my brown rice or sometimes have cous cous. I add my spinach and avocado. Sometimes I may also make sweet potato chips to go along side my meal. I tend to chop up sweet potatoes and use hemp oil to oven bake them. That is a meal in which I would have for my lunch.

So during the space between lunch and dinner I usually tend to have more snacks in between. This can range from scrambled eggs on seeded bread to peanut butter bananas or peanut butter rivetas or even just fruits. Sometimes if I have the day off I may even make a smoothie just to increase that extra intake of fruit and veg with all the minerals and vitamins needed to maintain a healthy balanced diet and keep me looking and feeling healthy.

For lunch I may have turkey steaks or chicken lightly seasoned with brown rice or cous cous once again. I may then again have spinach and maybe kale mixed and also have my avocado along with the spinach and kale.


In terms of exercise I work out 4 times a week without fail. The Areas I target are the glutes, thighs and abdominals. The ab workouts I usually do are crunches , sit ups, Russian twists exercises that target your core. In terms of thighs and glutes I do the usual squats , lunges , deadlifts, sumo squats. I Also do glute activation exercises like leg lifts , donkey kick backs , hip bridges and the clam. These I usually do 2 sets of 60 on each exercise. Eventually I will increase the amounts but for now that's perfect and it definitely has me feeling it the next day.

overall I would say that at the moment I am very happy with the way in which I feel and how my calorie intake is increasing my energy levels making me much more energetic and feel so much more healthier than before. I am noticing little improvements in my weight. Of course not drastically but my posture is also improving which is perfect. I feel confident at this point that with hard work , dedication and commitment I will most definitely achieve my goals and have the body that I dream to have. Next week i shall be going in a little more detail about the foods I eat how they are beneficial why I am chosing the work outs that I am how I feel once again.

Thank you for being in on this journey with me. Lots of love


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