Weight Gain Wednesday Week 2

Hey everyone , sorry my post is a little late been extremely busy. I hope you all had a lovely Easter! I am back again with Week 2 of my weight pain journey.

Increased Calorie Intake

I am still consuming the same amount of calories as last week. That is around or over 3,000 calories a day. During Week 2 I can say I feel different. I feel a huge difference in my energy levels. Although I said this last week I do not feel as tired as I used to because I am eating more frequently and feeding my body all the right foods. I am happy with the way in which I feel and am extremely excited about this journey and my end results.

The Foods I Eat

So I am still eating clean and healthy. I have always been a healthy eater but now that I'm eating more frequent I'm less tempted to have a cheeky cake or a sweet because I'm putting nothing but goodness into my body. When you are feeding yourself the right foods your body doesn't feel the need to crave sugar it's all about reprogramming your body to work with you and treating your body like a temple. If I get hungry and want a snack all my snacks are either seeds , nuts or fruits. I can't explain how much I love my fruits I love my apples, bananas , mixed berries , mango , grapes and pineapples.


So for breakfast this week so far I've either had my tuna on toast with my avocado. Porridge with either goji berries and banana or porridge with honey and banana and today I had sweet potato with mixed seeds and Goji berries. I may also have a protein shake in the morning if I haven't had breakfast and am on my way to work. Very filling and very healthy. Perfect way to start your day with a nice filling breakfast and then if I want a snack I would have a handful of mixed nuts and an apple.


When having lunch this week i've had my salmon , brown rice with sweet potato chips and spinach. I may sometimes add some avocado with that. I love this meal not only does it taste good but it's very protein filled too. Very good for the body! If I fancy a snack in between if I'm still feeling a little peckish I may have some carrot or celery sticks or I may have my nuts and fruit. Sometimes I love to have chopped up bananas with peanut butter and if I'm feeling very creative I will sprinkle coconut on the top.


When having lunch I may have brown rice or quinoa. I have my spinach and kale sometimes I add my avocado. With prawns, fish, chicken or turkey. I love my sweet potato chips also so I may have them on the side also just for an extra treat. Next week I will be trying some different meals to show you guys what I am eating and I am also looking to post some more food recipes so that people can try these meals yourself.


As you know my goal is to add weight to my glutes and my thighs naturally with increasing what I eat and my exercises. As I mentioned last week before a glute and thigh workout I do a rage of glute activation exercises. We don't actives our glutes enough if even at all. So doing these exercises is like a way to wake up the glutes and get them working for your work outs. Our glutes are very important as they enable us to be able to do most of our lower body movements. They also help maintain our posture. When they aren't active enough this causes other muscles to try swoop in to save the day which can put extra pressure and strain on your muscles resulting in injuries if not careful.

First exercises I do to activate my glute is a hip extension. I usually do this with a resistance band as it just a little more difficult. I usually do 30 repetitions in each side. When extending your leg if you can try not to arch your back as you want your glutes to be doing all the work.

The second one I do is a single leg glute bridge. I like this more than a regular hip bridge as you can single out each glute. The aim is to squeeze your glutes whilst keeping your hips as stable as you can. I usually complete 30 repetitions. I do this with a resistance band also to make it just a little more harder for me so i'm pushing myself.

The Third exercise I do is Fire Hydrant. Whilst doing this you want to make sure that your back is kept straight and that you do not arch your back. This way you are able to feel the full effect of the exercise. Try to squeeze your glutes as much as you can.whilst doing this exercise and I try to do this 3 sets of 30.

Lastly I do what is called the clamshell. I do this also With a resistance band as it makes it harder and the harder the work the more you feel the burn. You start this by laying on your side with your legs slightly bend resting on top of one another. Keeping your feet together gently raise one of your knees of the other. When you cannot lift your knee any further without separating your feet, slowly lower your knee bringing both knees back together. I usually do this for 30 repetitions also.

Glutes and Thighs Workouts

Then I start my normal workout I usually do squats, sumo squats , jump squats, double squats. 3 sets of 30. I then do my lunges walking lunges, and curtsy lunges. Doing also 3 sets of 30. I do hip extensions which I do 3 sets of 12. And my deadlifts that I love so very much. 3 sets of 30.

Abdominal Workouts

When doing my ab workouts I do my crunches , alternating crunches, sit ups , Russian twists , scissor kicks , the hundred , and planks. When performing these exercises I usually also do 3 sets of 30.

How I Feel So Far

If I'm being completely honest I feel very good. I feel very optimistic and I'm very ready to continue working hard working out at home and in the gym at least 4 days a week. At the moment I have been killing it at home but I plan to take advantage of working in a gym lol. The harder I push myself and the more I work the more I will receive the results I am looking for. It's all about maintaining on top of your game and not getting lazy. Nobody is going to get the dream body for you so it's important to work very hard and show people that it can be done. Take the opportunity to inspire others with your journey and that's what I'm planning to do. I feel very energetic and happy. I'm happy with my intake I'm happy with my exercise I'm feeling happier within myself and more confident within myself and it just makes me want to keep working hard. Your biggest goal in life is to be your best project and you should always strive to be better. I know once I get to my desired goal that it will only be the beginning for me. I hope that if anyone has any questions about anything to do with my journey any nutritional or advice on Workouts anything at all that they take the advantage of asking me. I'm here to help and to inspire and I'm not the only person on a fitness journey. I know we can all be in this together and help one another be the strong, beautiful and fit queen's we are. Queens uplift one another and inspire one another never forget that!

Thank you as always for keeping up with my journey you are so appreciated.

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