Black African Soap Review

What Is The Ingredients Of Black Soap?

It is made from certain organic matter which is converted to ash. Oils are added to create the soap. Ash and oils are two of the most common ingredients sourced to make most types of soap today. It begins by harvesting plants such as cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, plantain, or shea tree bark. Oils such as coconut, palm, and palm kernel are added.If plantain is used to make the soap it will contain a high amount of Vitamins A and E, and iron.If shea tree bark is used, it can offer some UV protection.

African Black Soap For Acne Prone Skin

Acne is troublesome for teenagers, but many adults find they still suffer from acne. Acne is caused by a bacteria, but if you fail to look after your skin, it can spread. It becomes worse if you scratch it or try to burst the clogged oil glands or even touch your face without washing your hands. Over time, it can leave scars. Most people who get acne realise that they must start treatment in order to get it to go away faster. Whether that be skin care products or certain changes to their diets. The best method is to use African black soap to clear up an outbreak faster, and beneficial healing properties of black soap will kill the bacteria that causes acne, and help your skin to fight off another outbreak. Leaving your skin looking flawless. Before you use it on your face or body do a skin test on your inner wrist first. If there is no reaction, go ahead and use it on your face and body as planned. You may feel a tingling sensation when you first use the black soap, but this is normal. Your skin should adjust after a few days of usage.Lather up your soap in your hands with soap and water. Wash your face normally.Rinse with water and pat dry. I would suggest if you do not add any oils whilst washing your face with the soap then to moisturise afterwards however if you choose to wash with the soap and any other oils added then as you have added oils moisturiser would not be needed.

Black African Soap Benefits

  1. It can be used for a general skin cleanser.

  2. You can use it instead of a regular soap. Especially for sensitive skin.

  3. Can be great for soothing the itching and pain of eczema.

  4. It can even out skin discolouration caused by scarring , sunburn and acne. It contains essential fatty acids that can aid in helping the skin heal.

  5. It can calm wide dry itchy , flaky inflamed skin from psoriasis. As well as other allergies or stress related rashes.

  6. Unclogs pores and keeps them clear of blackheads.

  7. soothes razor burns and bums as a result of shaving.

  8. Helps cure fungal infections on any part of the body.

  9. Helps control body odour.

Review On The Soap

When using the soap I used the soap in the morning and before bed. Around 2-3 times a week. I would say the soap is a good cleanser and most definitely good for acne and spots. I am one of the lucky ones who hardly ever gets that many spots. But it leaves my skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. When using the soap It left my skin feeling dry but then again any kind of soap does that to my skin. When i first used the product i got a tingling sensation in my skin which iI felt like damn this is working already? I felt a difference in my skin instantly in the sense that it felt cleansed and I get blackheads a lot. I use a lot of charcoal or tea tree products in order to rid my black heads. I can say that the soap worked instantly in ridding my pores I was amazed. As I previously said the soap dries out your skin when using unless you are using oil with or after use. I then use a moisturiser these vary depending on what I want to use on the day. I may use nivea cream or I love the body shop's new vitamin E cream cleanser cream. This then hydrates your skin leaves you feeling fierce I kid you not. I feel so fresh afterwards. I recommend you try this product and let me know how it worked for you.

This is the nivea cream I sometimes use on my skin. Not everyone will want to use this but it leaves my skin feeling super soft.

This is also the body shop cream I sometimes use on my skin and love ! Look at their vitamin E skin care line and try a few things. I highly recommend their products so give them a try and also let me know what you think.

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