Weight Gain Wednesday Week 3 & 4

Hey Everyone, I have been a little tied up with things which is why there has been a delay in my weight gain wednesday posts but now I have some time off work I can update you.

Increased Calorie Intake In week 3 and 4

My increased calorie intake is the same. Still eating the same amount of calories or over that a day which falls within the 3,000 calorie bracket. I am loving being a healthy little piglet lol. Eating more frequently during the day does wonders on your energy levels. Your mood also improves.

The Foods I Eat Week 3 and 4

The foods I am consuming are still clean and healthy. If my meals are not prepared I tend to go to Pret for my lunch at work they have nice salads that are high in protein and goodness. Still having my healthy snacks that are either , fruits, nuts and smoothies.

Breakfast Week 3 and 4

For my breakfast I have been having a mixture of things. I could have my tuna on seeded brown bread with avocado and chia seeds. Or I sometimes have Sweet potato, mixed seeds and goji berries with either honey or vanilla extract. I sometimes have a Women's Best Whey Protein Shake If I am on the go or doing a morning shift at work which does not give me time to eat breakfast. I may sometimes have porridge, honey and chopped up bananas from pret if doing a mid shift at work which usually starts from 9 and have not had a chance to eat yet or, if I am at home I usually have the same thing but make it myself.

Lunch Week 3 and 4

For my lunch I have been having A mixture of prepared meals and If I have not had the time to prepare my meals I have been having salads from Pret.

This Meal I got from pret contained cheese,chicken, pistachio nuts, peppers, tomatoes , cucumbers and spinach with a dressing for the salad. Salad is very tasty so if you want to try this salad it is just under £5. The meal was filling and very tasty. Not as good as many other ones I have had but a good meal for a one off.

This meal contains chicken, spinach, avocado, broccoli quinoa with brown rice , peas and pumpkin seeds with a green dressing and lemon to top it. I have to say I enjoyed this salad more as it's full of green goodness. I love avocados , chicken and spinach and I love quinoa and brown rice too which is great. This meal was very filling and tasty. This meal is also just under £5.

Lunch Week 3 and 4

So the meal below in which I had prepared for work during the week. Turkey , Brown Rice, Sweet Potato and Avocado and greens. Everything is is oven baked healthier than any other method of cooking and the avocado and greens are freshly added on the day. The meal is very filling and tasty. If I find myself needing anything more to eat I may have some fruit or a smoothie as it Is later on in the day.

Another meal I Have for my dinner my salmon. I Love Salmon! I make it in so many different ways. I had my salmon with brown rice and asparagus. I know in this photo it shows white rice. However, I use brown rice with everything. It's a much healthier alternative to white rice. Incredibly tasty and filling.


As you know my goal is to add weight to my glutes and my thighs naturally with increasing what I eat and my exercises. As I mentioned last week before a glute and thigh workout I do a rage of glute activation exercises. . So doing these exercises is like a way to wake up the glutes and get them working for your work outs.

Glutes and Thighs Workouts

Then I start my normal workout I usually do squats, sumo squats , jump squats, double squats. 3 sets of 30. I then do my lunges walking lunges, and curtsy lunges. Doing also 3 sets of 30. I do hip extensions which I do 3 sets of 12. And my deadlifts that I love so very much. 3 sets of 30.

Abdominal Workouts

When doing my ab workouts I do my crunches , alternating crunches, sit ups , Russian twists , scissor kicks , the hundred , and planks. When performing these exercises I usually also do 3 sets of 30.

How I Feel So Far

If I'm being completely honest I feel very good. I feel very optimistic and I'm very ready to continue working hard working out at home and in the gym at least 4 days a week. 3 days working out at and one day in the gym.I am already noticing changes and improvements within my body and how I feel within my body. I feel more confident. I am happy and excited. I feel very energetic and happy. Your biggest goal in life is to be your best project and you should always strive to be better. I know once I get to my desired goal that it will only be the beginning for me. I feel even better as each week goes by. More excited, more confident and more determine to continue my hard work.

Thank You all for keeping up with my journey I am very happy to share my journey with you all and hope it inspire you to continue working on your own.

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