Weight Gain Wednesday Week 5

Increased Calorie Intake

I am still consuming the same amount of calories as last week. That is around or over 3,000 calories a day. During Week 5 I can say I feel a huge difference in my energy levels. I am happy with the way in which I feel and am extremely excited about this journey and my end results. As I am eating more I am proud to say I have already gained some weight. I did not notice as much at first however, my boyfriend did which I can not deny got to my head a little lol. I think when you are setting any type of fitness goal and see some results it makes you wanna work harder to get more results.

The Foods I Eat

So I am still mainly been eating clean however with my boyfriend's birthday and planning a spectacular day for him we had a lot of takeout food and I have been eating more takeout than I should be. I am not as worried about that all because I mainly have a clean diet and It is not tempting for me to continue eating junk food. When you are feeding yourself the right foods your body doesn't feel the need to crave sugar it's all about reprogramming your body to work with you and treating your body like a temple. If I get hungry and want a snack all my snacks are either seeds , nuts or fruits. I can't explain how much I love my fruits I love my apples, bananas , mixed berries , mango , grapes and pineapples. However, being realistic there will be times in which you do or will have a cheat day. I would usually have a take outs once a week on the weekends I spend with my boyfriend. However, I have decided with the help of my boyfriend as we are both eating clean that we will have a take out once a month during our date nights.


I have been eating my usual breakfast meals. Mainly more than anything I have been having porridge, honey and banana, smoothies and protein shakes. These breakfast choices are very filling and give me the energy I need in the mornings to do my everyday things.


For Lunch I have Fish any kind of fish whether it be cod, salmon, mackerel, sea bass or sea bream With either brown rice , couscous Or quinoa and spinach. It is very filling and tasty. This gets me through the day until dinner time however, if i feel a little peckish in between meals i either have a smoothie some fruit or a handful of nuts to get me by. One of my favorite snacks is chopped bananas with either peanut or cashew butter. Tastes amazing and is very healthy for you. Most certainly better than a packet of crisp or a box of chocolates.


For my dinner if I am not having chicken or fish I am having turkey. This meal is one of my favourite meals. Very tasty and filling and full of goodness. I Love turkey it is very good for you. I love brown rice and sweet potato also. Sweet potato is a better alternative to normal potatoes. Avocado is also one of my favourites a long with spinach and kale. It is important that everything you eat is well portioned to what your goals are and also how you are cooking your meals is important. Oven cooking your meals is the healthiest way of cooking and I usually tend to cook my food in the oven as it is healthy. No oils or radiations in your meals.


In terms of my exercises and what I have been doing so far I have decided to change my approach to what I am doing. After talking to my boyfriend about what workouts I am doing and we talked and decided that what I was doing was far too much. As long as my form is right which it is and do around 12 reps 2 sets I should be just fine. I have also decided that as I have happily gained weight on my lower area mainly being my thighs. I should continue with my desired 3,000 calorie intake. But focus more on my abdominal workouts 4 times a week and blast the lower body 1 day a week. I will be following this to see how it works for me and hopefully I will gain results. I am also doing exercises and stretches to strengthen my posture. You can not work out with a weak posture. It can be damaging in the long term and it is important to take care of your body. I will share with you next week those exercises I have been doing and how they are helping and hopefully you guys will be able to benefit from them.

Abdominal Workouts

I will be doing a variety of different abb workouts during the week. When doing my ab workouts I do my crunches , alternating crunches, sit ups , Russian twists , scissor kicks , the hundred , and planks. Every week I will be trying new abb workouts to engage different areas of the abdominals. I will be updating the exercises I have been doing and how they are going each week.

Glutes and Thighs Workouts

Then I start my normal workout I usually do squats, sumo squats , jump squats, double squats. . I then do my lunges walking lunges, and curtsy lunges. . I do hip extensions . And my deadlifts that I love so very much. I will also be trying new workouts each week and tell you how they are working for me.

How I Feel

I feel very happy. I am so happy and excited to have noticed and have other people noticed that I have some positive results. I am excited to work towards my ideal body goal and I am progressing as each week goes by. I can only hope that my results come much faster. I have the right support system behind me and I am not on my journey alone. Me and my boyfriend both have our fitness goals that we are working on together. That makes it all a little more exciting that we are doing this together. I am proud of where I have come so far. I am proud of my results and I am not afraid of failure. I am not afraid to make mistakes. I am not afraid to admit I have either. Like the fact I have been working too hard too many repetitions on my workouts. It is all about being honest with myself and my journey. I am thankful to be able to share this journey with the world also. I hope you guys appreciate your journeys too. This is just the beginning.

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