Rimmel London X Influenster Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour Review

Hey Guys! Had it been a while since I last posted. I have been super busy and had so much going on however, I have something pleasant to share with you all. Rimmel London and Influenster have given me the opportunity to try and review some of the Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour Lipstick Line. Before I go any further I must say that I received these products complimentary to rest and review. I did not purchase these products myself. I am grateful to have been given this opportunity. With that being said let me get started!

Product Description

This is the box I revived from Rimmel London and Influenster. In the box it contains 5 of their Stay Matte Liquid Lip Lipsticks. One of which I am wearing in this picture.The shades were Midnight as this picture shows , Blush , Pink Blink, Moca and Coral Sass. You can buy these

beautiful lipsticks from Boots , Superdrug and other drugstores for around about £4:50 - £5. You can even purchase them online at very.


  • Bold colour with just one stroke

  • Lasts up to 12 hours

  • Kiss proof, touch proof, waterproof

  • Velvety Matte finish

  • Comfortable with a lightweight texture

Stay Matte Swatches

Shade Blush


I love this shade from the collection. The lipstick was very easy to apply on the lips. It was not cracked or sticky and messy to apply. The lipstick is very pigmented. I would say in order to get full coverage on this product you would use maybe two layers. I love natural looks and this lipstick allows me to achieve a natural non drastic look. They Matte down very quickly and do not dry out your lips at all. Product wasn't to hard to wipe away either.I would encourage people to try this product.


The longevity of the lipstick lasted up to around 8 hours I'd say. It lasted throughout me drinking and having something to eat did not once crack or begin to wear off. I have to say I'm really pleased with this lipstick and it is one of my favourite shades from the line.

Shade Pink Blink


Product was easy to apply. Needed around two layers also. The product gave of a velvety Matte finish very quickly which doesn't make the lips dry or appear to be dry either. The lipstick wasn't to hard to wipe off also.The colour here is in the shade Pink Blink. This is also one of my top favourite lipsticks from the line along with shade Blush and Moca. The pigmentation of the product is very impressive and the colour is beautiful. I would highly recommend that people purchased this product.


The lipstick lasted me also throughout the day. I'd say around 6-8 hours also. Like the other lipstick. The lipstick also lasted me through eating and drinking during the day. Did not wear until later on towards the end of the day. Even then it had not faded that much.

Shade Coral Sass


Application was very easy. This colour is very vibrant and bright. Needed around two layers to give full coverage. Although I am a lover of natural looks I do love a bright look here and there and this colour suits me very nicely. It mattes out very quickly giving a nice velvety feel and does not dry out your lips. The lipstick was not hard to remove as some Matte long lasting lipsticks can take forever to take off.Although this isn't in my top three favourites of the 5 lipsticks I was given to test out and review I would say I like this shade and would wear it frequently. I would recommend this lipstick for people to try.


The lipstick lasted throughout the day and did not wear out whilst eating and drinking throughout the day although as the day came to an end the lipstick began to fade in the corners of my lips. Other than that the lipstick did not crack and was like the previous two lipsticks.

Shade Moca


The application of this lipstick was very easy and light. The lipstick needed around two layers in order to get full coverage. The colour was very light not to heavy. Was easy to remove also.Gave a Matte finish quite quickly and did not dry out the lips. This lipstick is one of my top three favourites out of the 5 lipsticks I received. I would most definitely recommend this shade and would wear it on a regular basis along with the shades Blush , Pink Blink , Moca and Coral Sass.


The lipstick lasted through food and drink and did not wear. The lipstick did not crack or become bitty at all. I would say it lasted a good 8 hours. I would recommend this lipstick for people to try out.

Shade Midnight


When I saw this as one of the 5 lipstick shades I received from Influenster and Rimmel london I go excited. Why this was it because I love lipstick in general. I love all kinds of shades light to dark you name it I will have it somewhere. I thought this would be the lipstick shade I like the most however to my surprise I was slightly disappointed. When applying the product it was very bitty in how it dried. It needed at least 3 layers to get full coverage and once that dried and matted out after a while it began to look very cracked.


I would say that the lipstick lasted me a total of 6 hours. After food and drink I began to notice cracks in the corner of my lips and that the lipstick was beginning to wear out. The lipstick was very sticky when patting my lips together and when removing the product it was very difficult. I liked the colour and it lasted a while in good condition however after a while began to wear quicker than the other shades did.

Overall conclusion

My overall conclusion would be that the lipstick shades were easy to apply I loved the colours and I love that the product were long lasting. My favourite shades from the collection was the shades Moca , Pink Blink and Blush. I would most defiantly wear them more frequently I also liked the shade Coral Sass which I would wear also. I like shade Midnight too and although there are negatives about the lipstick shade I would wear it as not often but I would wear it. Not as frequently as I would the others. I would say that the products are a good value for the money you would pay for them. Just to make clear I revived the products complimentary for testing purposes however, you can purchase the products from boots or Superdrug for £5. You can also order the lipsticks online from very.

I hope this review has been of help to you. If anyone has any interest in trying these products I would highly recommend them and would love to hear your views and opinions on the products yourself. You are more than welcome to reach out to me and comment either on my blog here or on my Instagram page expressing your views. I love you hear from you guys and hear what you think!

Thank you once again to Rimmel London and Influenster for these products I received to try and test out! I am extremely grateful.

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