Juvia’s Place Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey everyone this is a review on the juvia's place masquerade eyeshadow palette. I have had this palette for a while now and thought why not review and share my opinion on the palette. I have to admit I was so excited to purchase this palette because of the type of colours the palette contains. I love bright colours and I love to play around with bright colours so this was heaven for me. They also have natural colours that are good for everyday natural looks.

Product Description

The palette is a smaller version of the Masquerade Palette. Perfect for an everyday makeup look or for people that like colours that are bright and fancy.


The price of the product depends on which palette you get. I got mine from Beauty Bay for £30 however the larger palette is £35. I decided to purchase the smaller one because it would be easier to take around with me.

My Personal Views On The Palette


When looking at the packaging. I love the way that Juvia's package their products and the art on the packaging I think is incredible. So beautiful and colourful and each palette the have has a beautiful colourful tribal woman on the front of it. You can tell that the packaging and the colours in the palette are inspired by African Festivities, they have a great mix between bright and neutral colours which best represent african culture. The Palette case is made of cardboard which contains a magnet to shut. The palette is light and easy to travel with which is why I initially purchases the smaller palette.

Texture/ Pigmentation /When Blending

I am extremely pleased with the performance of these individual eyeshadows within this palette. Every single shade is soft and very smooth to touch. They are all tightly placed in the palette which is perfect and does not leave any mess when using your brush or leave the eyeshadows shattered in any way or form. The eyeshadows have a nice shimmer to them.The palette has an array of colors for you to experiment with, but also great everyday neutrals to play with on the regular.

The eyeshadows are very easy to work with. Their Pigmentation is amazing! But then again I did not expect any less from the palette as this is the way it was designed to be. There were no issues in blending and diffusing the eyeshadows however i would say that with some of the shadows they are best applied with the fingertips or going over with a brush.

Eyeshadow Breakdown

Chi: The eyeshadow shade Chi is like a royal blue with a metallic kick to it

Makeda: A dark royal purple with a metallic finish.

Mali: A Aqua sea green with a metallic finish Zobo: A magenta purple with a matte finish.

Calabar: A burgundy with a shimmery finish.

Dalia: Sky blue with a metallic finish

Zola: A light aquamarine blue with a metallic cool finish

Bori: A matte hot pink with glitter finish

Giza: A silver with a metallic finish

Dahlia: A warm golden brown with a metallic finish. Burkina: A warm neutral brown. This eyeshadow shade looks very similar to Zulu

underneath however in my opinion this is more of a brownish reddish colour.

Zulu: A matte chocolate brown. Different to Burkina as it has less of a red tone to it.

Cairo: A warm matte reddish orange with golden glitter finish to it

Casablanca: A highlight metallic copper bronze. Have to say this was one of my favourite shades. Ada: A matte earthy reddish brown. The red tone in this shade stands out a lot.

Fulani: A deep dark matte chocolate brown.

Looks Created With The Palette

This look was achieved with the shades Zobo, Makeda and Dalia

This Look was achieved with the shades Chi and Makeda

This look was created with the shades Ada, Fulani and Casablanca

Overall Conclusion

I would say overall I am very pleased with the product and the eyeshadow colours. They are highly pigmented, easy to work with and most importantly you can create so pretty amazing looks with this eyeshadow palette. The consistency of the eyeshadow is smooth and not gritty and whilst wearing the eyeshadow I would say it lasts at least 8-9 hours which is more than enough time during your day to go out and do your daily tasks. I would suggest people to purchase the palette and let me know what your views and opinions are on the shadow.

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