Loyalty In The Generation Of Today

In the generation of today loyalty is almost becoming extinct. It seems as though betrayal and Dishonesty are the new trends. It is becoming difficult for people to remain loyal to their friends and partners as well as being honest and reliable to others and most importantly themselves.

Loyalty is the basis of any relationship you have with a person in my opinion. If you have no loyalty you have no trust, if you have no trust you have nothing and the list is continuous. I have experienced many situations especially with friends where loyalty has been breached and changed the dynamics of the relationship.

For me loyalty is more important than anything. I often find that because I am so loyal it is not always reciprocated in the way in which I would expect it to be. That has partly to do with the generation of today but also to do with expectations. With expectations often comes disappointment. We tend to expect others to think and behave how we would this opens the door for loads of disappointment.

I have found that friends can be loyal to their need of you in the moment. You are there for them when they need your support, advice, money or your time in general. When the roles are reversed do they match your loyalty in most cases ? No. Why is that? Because in today's generation they teach you to use and step on people to get yours. People use others for their own selfish reasons which then if you are a good person with a kind heart can either make you or break you.

I personally have been through a few situations where I have been the best friend possible and been betrayed. You go above and beyond for people and to be there for them but in your time of need they are nowhere to be seen. They show you that their friendship in their eyes is not worth anything like what you valued it to be. It definitely cuts deep. But as a mature adult you have to rise above it. Life is full of lessons and people come into your life to fulfill a purpose. Not everyone deserves you and your loyalty. Give it to those that would do the same for you.

Let's be honest. It's not a pleasant feeling. Putting your all into a friendship or relationship to be essentially shitted on. To be used, abused, betrayed and so forth. Im sure we have all experienced betrayal in friendships and relationships and given your all to be left high and dry. It does hurt deeply and makes you want to say 'Fuck Everyone' However, what I would suggest would be to remain yourself. Do not let the selfish acts of others distort your view of how things should be and most importantly how you treat people. Always remain true to yourself. As long as you do that and you act with selfless love and you know you played your part. Anyone who abuses and takes advantage of that is at a great loss.

Let the new year be a fresh slate for all the drama and be more aware and observant with the type of people you let in your life. Yes we can be surprised by the people we least expect to do us wrong however be selfish with yourself. Put you first. Love yourself so much that the energy you are giving out won't even stand a chance attracting negativity and people with bad intentions.

Thank you for tuning in may the year be filled with so much love and positivity. Sending positive vibrations to you all. Please let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see me post about. Always open to suggestions.

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