IT'S 2018!!! How To Make The Best Out Of Your Year

Hey Everyone, I really hope the new year is treating you well so far. In today's post i will be talking about how to make the best out of your year! Let's make this year an awesome one !!!!!

1. Leave all the bullshit in 2017

Any drama or any negative aspects of your 2017 must stay there! Do not bring 2017s baggage into a brand new beautiful year. Leave that relationship,friendship, job... anything making you unhappy in 2017. Make sure that you move forward without no looking back. Only fools trip on things behind them. You are destined for an amazing year focus on all the things that are going to come your way and do not give any negativity a second thought.

Be grateful for a brand new blank book that you are going to fill up chapter by chapter of beautiful achievements and memories. This is one of my number 1 things for this year. I will not be dwelling on nothing. If you fucked up and lost me that's your L to take. If you take my friendship for granted karma is a bitch. If you did anything to me last year that was negative. I wish you the best 2018 ever ! May you accomplish loads however i will not be giving you the time of day at all. I look forward to travelling, making loads of memories with friends and family and most importantly excelling in my career and working harder than I ever have done before.

I would suggest you write a list about what you plan to achieve this year. Accomplish them one by one and feel amazing doing so.

2.Be selfish with yourself

Do not give yourself or your time to anyone who is not willing to meet you halfway. If you are or was not being appreciated by people closest to you leave them behind. This is your year. You have your growth to think about in all areas of your life.

Nobody has time to be putting any more energy into meaningless and pointless interactions with people who cannot even love themselves deep enough let alone be loyal and loving to you how you would like them to. Love you by being selfish with yourself and your energy. Be careful who you give your time to.

I am not saying be horrible. I am saying be wise. Be intuitive with what your body and gut tells you. If your gut says they are not to be trusted 9 times out of 10 your gut is right. Be in tune with yourself and vibrate higher. Who ever you let into your circle must be on your page mentally and spiritually and most importantly what you are giving out to the universe is what you are going to attract so change your attraction. Change your way of thinking. See positives in negatives , meditate more. Take care of your mind , body and soul we are such divine beautiful creatures and we need to self love.

3. Do what makes you happy

Do what makes you happy. If you want to travel... travel. You like them pair of shoes buy them! You want to change your career?... Do it sooner rather than later. Honestly we spend so much time worrying about what others think and what will make others happy. When was the last time you can say you did something for yourself which made your soul doulge in happiness ? If you can not even answer that question then this most certainly applies to you !

Take the time to ensure you put your happiness , wants and needs first. That way you are whole so when you give to others you are giving on a basis of being whole and at unity with yourself. There is nothing more people find attractive than somebody who is genuinely and unconditionally happy. Your attraction will be so different you will begin to notice such huge changes in your life.

I would also say take the time to be grateful for your life and where you are now in your journey. You are not even where you could be a month or even a day from now. Life is all about change and growth. Be grateful for your blessings currently and watch just how those blessings multiply into something much deeper and so much more valuable.

Accomplish your goals and do everything you want to do and more. Do a course. Finish your degree. Get that job you have always wanted. All is possible with a positive mindset and a driven attitude. I can tell you that one of my goals for this year will be to upload more content onto my website. Give you lovely people more content on a more consistent basis. what will your goals be for 2018???

4. Worry less about pleasing everyone around you

You were not placed upon this earth to be everybody's cup of tea. Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will appreciate you and for some people nothing is ever good enough. Worry about yourself and pleasing yourself before pleasing everyone else around you. If you are not careful you can drain yourself by letting other people drain you of your energy.

Do what pleases you not what pleases others around you. Make sure if you are the kind of person to make sure everyone around you is happy that mentally you are strong enough to deal with the challenges you may face. It is not easy. I am one who loves to make everyone happy. I thrive off it. I love nothing more than to see the people I love happy and smiling. However, if you give your time and love to the wrong people it can be draining and some people lose themselves and lose appreciation for those kinds of people.

Surround yourself around people who love you unconditionally and would go through hell on earth for you. Those kind of people are so rare and should be treasured on another level.

5.Face your fears \ try new things

Face your fears. Do something that frightens you. Tell that person you love them. Dye your hair that green colour you liked. Jump out of a plane. Do what frightens you. Accomplish your fears. Make this year a year full of growth !

I know i have a few things i need to work on this year and overcome. One would be my phobia of trains. I can not stand trains. I get claustrophobic I hate when they are crowded. I will literally not get a train unless it is the only option and if i do I will have to be with somebody I trust. I go into a state of panic when i am alone. But maybe this year will be the year that all that changes for me. We are so capable of overcoming our fears however we let such a powerful and negative emotion overcome us.

Try new things you have never done before. Why not do something new. Go to a country you never thought about for a holiday. Take up a class for a hobby go out there and experience the world for what it is and have fun in the process. Live each day as though it were to be your last and create so many memories whilst doing so. I would love to know about what things you guys accomplish and try out for this year so please ensure you keep me updated with that.

6. Do not compare your life to others

I am very big on spirituality as most of you already know and I believe this is one of the worst things you can possibly do. In today's society we have this idea of what we want our lives to be like and we constantly compare ourselves and our lives to others. That is one of the worst things you could possibly do. You don't know the struggles a person has endured to be where they are at today and to wish you had somebody's life that you have not got the slightest clue about is dangerous.

Be thankful for your life. That is your biggest blessing. You may not be where you want to be yet but what is stopping you apart from yourself ? Nobody. Give thanks for family,friends, partners, security your jobs food in your fridges. We have so many blessings on a day to day basis. I mean the fact i am able to even type this blog with my fingers whilst there are people out their born with nt hands is a blessing. Be grateful.Be thankful and Be blessed.

one thing I love to do most mornings is wring a list of things I love and that im grateful for. Each day I try to make them different. I also write a list of things I am grateful for in the people closest to me. This benefits you attraction when manifesting what you want from the universe and it also betters your relationships with others. Try it and let me know how it goes for you! Do a list of things you are grateful for every morning for a month and see how it changes your life.

Please let me know what ideas you may have about how to make the best of your 2018. What your goals are and how you plan to make this year better than last year. Have an amazing year and may it be filled with so much joy,success and happiness than you have ever experienced before. With love and light being sent your way always xxx

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