The Importance Of Self Love

Hey everyone, In today's post I will be touching on the importance of self love and the impact it has on all of our lives.

You should love yourself from head to toe and be confident in yourself and your body. I know that in today's day and age society tries to mould you into their idea of what perfection is. Having a big bum, next to no stomach ... starving yourself and having big breasts but life is not all about the being perceived as beautiful to the worlds idea of what perfect and beautiful should be. The idea of societies perfect is not realistic and is the reason as to why many women and young girls have eating disorders, suffer from depression and have no confidence or love for themselves at all.

Us females are not perfect neither are men but we are all perfectly imperfect in our own unique ways and all have unique qualities and talents that are specific to who we are and what we were placed on earth to do. No matter the shape or size we are all beautiful. We all deserve to love ourselves like nobody on this earth can ever possibly love us. It iscruitial as they say “ we teach people how to treat us by how we treat ourselves”.

Speak Love Into Yourself

I am very big on affirmations and speaking things into existence. For those who do not know what affirmations are they are things that you put out into the universe for you to either attract what you want through the law of attraction or in your case grow appreciation, love and confidence in yourself.

To help yourself out every morning look into the mirror.Tell yourself the things you love about yourself. Show appreciation for yourself. Tell yourself how beautiful you are and how much positive radiant energy flows throughout you.

Each day as you do this you are attracting love to yourself and your perception of how you view yourself will change. You will start to appreciate more about yourself rather than getting depressed and picking out on all the things that are not perfect about yourself. A bigger challenge would be to show appreciation and spent time accepting the things that are not so pretty about yourself. You may not like a particular feature about yourself however that is what makes you yourself. Be thankful and love yourself but also know that there are people that love you just for who you are.

When you are looking in the mirror each morning you do not have to just talk about the things that you love.You could say 10 things you are grateful for each day and you are drawing even more blessings your way. Your perception and your gratitude towards life plays a great role in the way you feel about yourself and your life. You can change that by choosing to love yourself.

Do Not Compare Yourself To Others

We often have a habit of comparing ourselves to other people. Whether that be body image related or money, social status, materialistic things even relationships we compare ourselves to others and have some type of “goals” we intend to reach and be exactly like.

You are your own person and you should never compare your life to anyone else. You don’t know their journey and the struggles they have endured just as they are unaware of yours and you wouldn’t want to wish anything you could not handle upon yourself.

When you constantly compare yourself to others you are telling yourself that you are not good enough. That you as an individual is not enough which can effect the choices you make and people that you allow into your life.

Without self love you are open to allowing people to mistreat you as you do not value yourself enough to know your worth and stand up for yourself.

You can fall into a state of depression due to the attitude you have towards life and interacting with people which can make you distance yourself from those that care the most for you. What you give off is what you will attract back and if you are not in a place of loving yourself you are going to attract people and situations that reflect that making you feel ten times worse or more.

Do Not Depend On Others To Make You Happy

It is so important not to depend on anyone to make you happy apart from yourself. We get far too attached to the relationships we have with people. Whether it be a friend, partner or family member you should always remember that you are in control of happiness and no matter what goes on in your life that it remains that way.

We often expect or whole expectations for others to forfill an emptiness we have inside. When you give another person that power it isn’t healthy and we lose control of our emotions. You then become dependent on that person and they become responsible for your emotions and the way you behave. You are in control. You are the only person that can make yourself happy and if you are not happy within yourself and being by yourself. You can never be of any value to others around you. Why have your cup half full when it can be full completely.

Its Okay Not To Have All The Answers

Most of the time, when we're being too hard on ourselves, we do it because we're driven by a desire to excel and do everything right, all the time without any failure. This entails a lot of criticism as to you that is not good. Enough it always has to be bigger and better. We can be extreme perfectionists.

This is not healthy alt all. If anything perfectionism is proven to cause more harm than good. Your health is going to be compromised mentally as well as physically as you are stressing your self out. Stress is a common denominator of many health complications . None of us need any health complications which is why it is important to remain calm, positive and not to allow things to stress us and get on top of us.

When you are loving yourself you are choosing your healthy and happiness over everything. Anything that is stressing or making you unhappy should be eliminated.

Better Your Mental Health

It has been proven that self love for yourself betters your mental health. As I mentioned previously the society we live in today has a huge impact on people's mental health and the way they see themselves.

Social media and celebrities have a huge impact on mental health and the way we should look at ourselves. When I was in school it was not important to look like a member of the kardashian family. Us children were carefree and was not worried about the opinions of others. However, today females feel pressured to look a certain way and to have this body that just is not realistic.

This can affect the mental health of young women causing depression as they are just unhappy with the way in which they look or happy with their life in general. Young girls with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia because they want to be seen as perfect to the world and in their eyes they are not because they want an unrealistic body goal that society tells you, you should have.

To me this is just devastating. I find it hard to digest that there are girls and women out their so unhappy with themselves. The our sisters, cousins , friends even daughters are at risk of falling into these traps. It is important as women that we uplift one another and remind one another of our unique beauty. Self love is so important. Love yourself, you were made the way you were for a specific reason and we all have our unique ways. Be comfortable and confident in your own skin and the way you are made to be. You are gorgeous and appreciate that about yourself.

It's hard to be loved by others if you can not love yourself. You attract people in your life with the energy that you are giving out.If you are experiencing a lack of self love you are more likely to attract people that are not going to be good for you. Change your attraction by loving yourself today. Make a commitment to yourself.

Pamper Yourself

I think it is important for everyone to pamper themselves and to treat themselves. When I am feeling low I pamper myself. Get my hair done or my eyebrows. Have a bubble bath, work out or maybe even go on a shopping spree.

If you find yourself feeling low pamper yourself which will make you feel good. Go to a spa or get your nails done. Maybe even buy a new wardrobe full of clothes for the season. Taking better care of yourself gives you the motivation for healthier habits. Taking care of yourself is a crucial part of self love. As that increases your appreciation for life increases.

It is so important to love yourself. I hope that this post has motivated you to take a positive step in taking care of yourself more and loving the person you are inside and out, good or bad. You are the only person who can understand yourself better than everyone else can. Your actions towards yourself as the most important so choose to love yourself unconditionally and unapologetically today!

You are all beautiful so so beautiful ! The world is yours ... You are all so perfect in your own ways. Sending so much love and positive vibrations your way today so please accept.

TM xxxxxx


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