Today's Topic: Why I Started Blogging

Hey everyone, I get a lot of questions on why I started to blog and I thought I would do a post. I want to try and post more personal things about myself to allow you guys to get to know me better. As well as answer a few questions I have received more than once by you guys.

Why I started Blogging

I have always loved blogging. I have always been interested in so many different things such as Beauty, Fitness , Fashion and advice etc. I always wanted to share my tips and my knowledge I have on certain things with everyone. Also to discuss deep topics and all a platform for people to think and speak openly about their opinions on situations. I love the freedom of posting about what I want to post about.

Blogging/ Instagram

Blogging gives you the opportunity to talk about more than one topic. Share tips on fitness and beauty. Or give relationship advice and talk about personal experiences throughout your life etc. I live for that. One of my wishes is to be a positive role model by being myself and not giving a damn about it.

My instagram page is a platform im building in order to build a brand for myself and achieve all the goals I dream about. Its nice receiving free products from companies to promote their brand being given discount codes and opportunity to earn money on encouraging people to purchase their products. However, I am aiming high. I want to be making big deals and getting sponsorships from big brands which will not happen overnight but it is something I am working towards.

My platform is to remind us women that we are all queens and to love yourself unconditionally. Rather than idolising people such as Kim kardashian that are purely interested in body and image and enabling young girls to feel as though they have to be a certain way to be accepted. I am trying to remind us all that we are perfect the way we are. To love ourselves take pride in the way we look and to be happy and healthy physically and mentally.

Have I Ever Considered Doing A Joint Beauty And Fitness Page

Yes. I did with a friend I used to have a year or so back. We had a joint instagram page based on beauty and fitness.They say do not mix business and friendships and that is true lol. I found that I was being told when I should post how often I should post and being complained at when they lacked motivation because it reflected in the around of content I was posting in comparison to theirs. If I set myself a goal. I plan to see it through to the end.

Not everyone has the same motivation as you and I found myself beginning to get frustrated with the limitations and lack of effort on their part. I then took it upon myself to create my own page and take what I was doing more seriously. That way I was not going to grow resentment in my friendship with that person but focus more on myself , answer and explain to nobody and put in the time and effort that I was doing to grow and become more developed in my content and my page.

How Did I Get Into Makeup

I have always been creative and have an appreciation for creating and the beauty of art. I love to sing, dance, draw , write songs and do makeup as well as to design homes and rooms etc.

I have always loved makeup. I feel like makeup allows you to express your creativity and your personality. I think of the face as a canvas and I just express my crazy and bright personality through that. I am not one to shy away from out there colours either so I will always try new things because that Is my personality.

I live life in the moment and take risks with no regrets. Everything I know makeupwise is self taught. I am not perfect however, practise does justice for anything you are striving at. As time goes on I am only getting better.

Are You Worried About Competition

No. I feel as though everyone is unique in their own individual ways and can offer different things to the world. I believe the cake is big enough for everyone to have a slice. I believe more than anything that female empowerment is essential. We have to be able to uplift and encourage one another to succeed in life. Anyone that is not encouraging you should not share a seat at your table.

I think tearing one another down is not the way forward and it upsets me when I witness that. It can damage a person's self confidence and make them scared to progress and succeed in their life and what they are good at doing. We are queens, we were placed upon our journey for a specific reason. Our talents are specifically tailored to our personality which was destined for us. See that through till the end. You are fierce and unstoppable. That is how i live my life. I'm not afraid to fail , I'm not afraid to make mistakes its all apart of the journey and It makes us a better version of yourself.

That is all from me for today. If you have any questions or any topics or specific things you would like me to discuss. Do not be afraid to drop me an email or a message on instagram and I will be happy to respond.

TM xxxx

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