Dark Skin Vs Lightskin

Team Lightskin VS Darkskin

Which one are you? .. Is often one of the questions asked and forced by society in order to label and segregate black people from one another, creating a war of different shades of black. They often attach stupid stereotypes with this to make black women in particular less desirable to men such as 'light skin girls think they are to prestige' or 'dark skin girls are too angry and have too much attitude' How absurd is this? I can not begin to tell you just how much it boils my blood.

These are qualities that can be found in any human being regardless of their skin colour. But this is what society creates almost these character profiles of what different shades of black behave like in order to play them off against one another so instead of focusing on black excellence and appreciating the beauty of being black. You are trying to tear one another down.I have seen just so much jealousy and war between black girls because of this social stigma being placed upon us. It deeply saddens me especially when I see people falling into the trap and

#Teamlightskin and #Teamdarkskin Have been circulating the internet for many years causing a huge divide. For those of you who are unaware of the terminologies, #teamlightskin stands for those who are lighter shades of brown or mixed and those that are darker shades of brown are considered to be #teamdarkskin. Answer me this.. who on earth has a right to place us in a category as ammunition in a war created to diminish black people?

Let's be honest now though, we all know why #teamlighskin is highly favoured over #team darkskin...They are a closer fit to the idea of what an european woman looks like which is considered to be beautiful.

The problem of colourism stems back to slavery. Not everyone knows the depths and inhumane acts that took place 200 years ago through colonization and the powers of white supremacy. Slave masters would rape African women in order to reproduce lighter skinned children in hope to eventually depopulate the black race.

The treatment of lighter skinned slaves was also a lot different to those who are darker skinned. Lighter skinned slaves were granted far more privileges such as education and being treated better overall. They associated them as being more intelligent and capable due to their white genetics. After slavery ended, this type of treatment continued as similar privileges were given to blacks whose appearance was closer to white, such as being forward for schools and jobs.

Most of society view themselves and one another through the european scope of perfection. This is moulded to brainwash and disregard all of the spectacular features which make us black and excellent only to emulate white physical features. This is why Black people would rather use chemicals to permanently straighten their hair as they want to be more european and make other changes to their appearances to suit the scope of perfection but we must emancipate ourselves from this subconscious brainwashing.

I think personally what gets me so angry is that society is able to brainwash us all into this little trap. To yet again place black people in this box of being less desirable or unsuccessful and troublesome. I think is unfair.

An example of what I mean would be the Kardashian family. In my opinion any black man that has ever been involved with one of the Kardashian sisters to me seems to be in the 'Sunken place'. They braid their hair and all of a sudden the Kardashians have created cornrows? To me that is an insult as cornrows originate from Africa and the Caribbean.

Another example would be that to sell Kim Kardashian's makeup line for her promotional photoshoot the photos were edited in a way in which she looked black. Her makeup and skin appeared to make her look darker. In my opinion it is not right for a society to tell us that the Kardashians are more beautiful than any other black person because they have no waist and huge asses. That they can take black culture and use it to make money yet in the same breath we are less desirable. To me that is infuriating.

The Kardashians are not the only celebrities that do this however, this is just an example and I am simply expressing my views and opinions on what I see and what I have learnt through research.

Everyone in my opinion is excellent. Black people are also excellent and should be treated with just as much respect as white people should be. Why should we be told we are not beautiful enough and ladies why are we not supporting our sisters out here. Melanin is worth more than gold. We are worth more than gold and should be treasured and knocking one another down in order to gain a title of who is the better shade is no way to go about it.

Understanding our history has never been more important and has also lost its value, as we are living in a ‘dumbed down’ society here in London. Children are growing up without knowing the crucial knowledge of what slavery and colonialism really did to us as a race. I feel as though more children are lost and are angry and do not know who they really are. I would say that this is probably a factor as to why that is. You have to know where you came from and all that occured in order to understand who you are and your roots.

They would never teach this in schools we hardly ever celebrate black history months in schools and if so they do not go deep enough because why make themselves known to be the bad guy. Do you think in germany they teach their students how hitler was so bad for the holocaust and all of the lives that were lost. No because in their eyes they are doing no wrong and are proud of their history and great leader that once was.

Anyone that questions society and exposes the world for what it really is, is placed in the category of being mentally unstable or placed in a negative light. I think that is wrong. For those that are awakened to the the world for what it is you are both blessed and cursed. Blessed for knowing the truth but cursed because we are living in a society of people that are still asleep and blind to the dangers of the world. I can only express my honest opinion and what I think and feel. This is the purpose of my platform. I hope you found this to be an interesting read and share with your friends and family. Do not be afraid to ask questions and share your views.

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